Ryan Boran started out his career in film by producing and directing the feature length film called Devils and Dust. The movie was produced throughout the southwest, latin america, and the upper florida keys using a technique he calls ‘Filming on a Global Stage’.  His production company specializes in small efficient teams, working on a global stage, to produce authentic cinematic productions with an emphasis on culture, humanity, and environment.

When Ryan is not producing films, he likes to help fellow industry professionals by providing photography and website services out of his studio. With eight websites of his own that he manages, he understands what is needed to make a good impression on the web.

Ryan is a skilled editor, videographer, lighting and audio technician, working with Final Cut, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Motion Graphics, and Logic. He is always looking for talent and crew to hire for productions in New York City and globally.

His passions are travel, adventure, surfing, and life.