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Producing two feature films, various short films, commercial shoots, and advertisements, I have spent a lot of time looking at websites, headshots, and reels to hire talent and crew. As a result, what I have gained is a level of perspective from it all.

For one, I understand how difficult it can be to get up and running. As an actor, you need headshots, a well planned website, and a solid video reel. Going through the various entities to get everything done can be very time consuming. In my studio, you have the advantage of one stop.

As a director, I understand what your potential employer is looking for. My websites are designed to be straightforward, showcasing your images and your reel. Your headshots should let your personality shine but also demonstrate your multitude of looks. You can never have too many headshots, and along with a good video reel, they are the two most important aspects to your site.

Check out my Pricing and there you can see sample websites created by me, and different pricing packages for my services.



Let my talents as a Director shine by hiring me to create a beautifully staged scene with perfect lighting, all the models and crew, plus the props to make exactly what you want. Everything will be done through my production company, so contact me and we’ll talk!