HOURLY PHOTOGRAPHY RATES: the hourly rates above are for in-studio (Brooklyn) and in the neighborhood (Carroll Gardens). All images produced during that time will be given to you on a CD when we finish. Two Hour or more sessions will receive 3 touched up images within 48 hours following the shoot. An additional service for five touched up Images can be purchased for $50. Wardrobe changes are a part of the hourly time, and will be determined in part by how many changes you bring. Hair and make-up will be paid and arranged by you, depending on what you need, but I have few recommendations.
COMP PHOTOGRAPHY SHOOT (5 hour): The perfect time to get a wide array of looks and backdrops. Everything applies as described in the hourly rate, and additionally you’ll receive a comp card sent to you within 48 hours.
PERSONAL/CAREER WEBSITE: This is an incredible deal to get you up and running on the web. The website will be similar to my examples, with variations to the color, size, fonts, and imagery. We will discuss before hand what you want, you’ll send me what you want written for text, plus your resume, and I will help set up your domain plus web and video hosting (hosting and domain fees payed by you and typically costs about $8/month). Once you have that done, and sent me your photos and reel, I will build your gallery, the site, your bio page, post up to two video reels, your resume, and your contact form. Any changes down the road, you can hire me, or have someone else do it (its your site – your the owner – that’s why I have you purchase the domain and host)
VIDEO EDITING: If you have the raw footage from various sources, I will edit it together with music and any titling and graphics needed. Call for a quote. My hourly editing fees start at $40/hour.
FILM YOUR VIDEO REEL: The time spent volunteering on various film projects that never get you any usable footage, sometimes it’s best to think outside the box. Contact me about a custom film package to get your reel together. It will be well lit, well shot, and all with good audio.
HEADSHOT AND WEBSITE PACKAGE: The website package described above plus two studio hours (you save $145 with this deal).